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Crazy Horse 

Crazy Horse is one of the few avant-garde Parisian cabarets that does not fear defying convention. The show is a departure from the regular Cancan and offers cabaret dances with a twist! Crazy Horse is a celebration of the female body and feminity, it uses dance moves, music and lighting to create a sensory experience. It is an intimate experience and everything from the choreography to the seating in venue all work towards creating the ambience. Crazy Horse is completely female led including the Chief Creative Officer and Show Manager, and stays true to its promise of championing female agency. 

What to expect when visiting Crazy Horse 


Crazy Horse, the venue

Crazy Horse was refurbished in 2007 but retained the lush seductive interiors of the original Le Crazy. The deep reds are in sync with the sensual nature of the show, while the rest of interiors uses velvet, lacquered wood and mirrors to. The seating is intimate, across levels and offers privacy while maximising the viewing experience of the stage.


Totally Crazy, the show

As the name suggest the Totally Crazy show will make you crazy with excitement! The show is made of two parts, the pre-show which includes a Belgian Burlesque duo – George Bangable and Lolly Wish, and the main show which involves 12 dancers and an interesting use of technology, lights and choreography to create illusions. 


The Acts

The Crazy Horse uses traditional cabaret acts with a twist. The songs performed are God Save our Bareskin, U Turn Me On, and latest acts by celebrity choreographers including Upside Down by Decoufle, Voodoo by Christian Louboutin, and Undress to Kill by Dita Von Teese. 


The Dancers

The entire show is performed by dancers who have become famous as Crazy Girls. These dancers are selected through a rigorous audition and trained for many months before gracing the stage at Crazy Horse. The girls have sexy names like Lila Magnetic, Trauma Tease, Ero Tikka and Tasty Wizz.   


The Choreography

What sets apart Crazy Horse from other cabaret shows is the sensual choreography by Andrée Deissenberg. The costumes leave little to the imagination but the lights and choreography make it a seductive affair. The dance moves are an ode to feminity and will leave you bewitched!

Show Options 

  1. Show Only

There are two shows of Crazy Horse every night that start at 8:30 PM and 11:00 PM. Your seats are decided according to the seating plan by the Maitre D’ and you will be taken to your seats once you arrive. All the seats are plush and designed to offer maximum viewing of the stage. 

  • Crazy Champagne: Show with Champagne

This variant offers half a bottle of champagne from the exclusive selection of Crazy Horse. If champagne is not your choice of drink then you can select two drinks from a special drinks menu that includes Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Liquers, Cognac, Aperitif, Beer and Soft Drinks. 

  • Crazy Premium: Show with upgraded champagne and canapés

Indulge in yourself by getting an upgraded champagne selection and add a side of canapés to it. Canapés are as French as you can get and an excellent dish to start your show. You can also choose to swap your champagne for two drinks from a special menu that includes Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Liquers, Cognac, Aperitif, Beer and Soft Drinks.

  • Crazy Exclusive: Show with vintage champagne, caviar and canapés

Choose the luxury package which will make you feel like a VIP! Here are the offerings that you will get as a part of this package – 

  • VIP priority access and VIP seating area
  • ½ bottle of vintage champagne from the exclusive selection of Crazy Horse
  • Petrossian Caviar (12g Egg'xiting)
  • Assortment of canapés 
  • A souvenir picture inside Crazy Horse 

You can choose to swap your champagne with two drinks from the drinks menu. 

  • Crazy Christmas: Show with champagne and macarons

Celebrate Christmas at Crazy Horse with style. Get yourself a show with a select half bottle of champagne (Laurent Perrier Rosé) and 2 macarons. The champagne and macarons have been carefully designed in collaboration with the famous Maison Ladurée. 

  • Crazy New Year: Show with champagne, caviar, canapes and macaroons

Bring in the New Year with a style and panache possible only at Crazy Horse! Enjoy the show and sip on exquisite ½ bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne, Pertrossian Caviar (12g Eggxiting), an assortment of canapes and 2 macarons Ladurée. 

  1. Dinner & Show 

Crazy Horse has partnered with top restaurants in Paris that are run by celebrated chefs. Your ticket will give you a dinner preceded or followed by the show at Crazy Horse. All the restaurants offer a set three-course meal curated by the chefs and Crazy Horse team. In addition to the meal, you will also enjoy a half bottle of champagne at Crazy Horse. 

  • Crazy Horse & Laduree

Laduree is a Parisian restaurant dating back to 1862 and is best known for its macarons. The restaurant is designed in classic French decor and serves delicious French cuisine. Your meal will accompanied by 2 glasses of wine, half a bottle of mineral water and a coffee or tea with their signature macaron. 

  • Crazy Horse & Chez André 

Chez André is one of the most iconic restaurants in the ‘Golden Triangle’. Started in 1932 it is based on the concept of a traditional bistro but also offers a high-end refined cuisine. Your meal at Chez André will be accompanied by ½ bottle of wine, coffee or tea and mineral water. 

  • Crazy Horse & L’Alsace

L’Alsace is a legendary restaurant on the Champs Elysées, a traditional brasserie it is open 24 X 7, every day. The restaurant is known for its Alsatian cuisine and specialities of seafood. Your meal at L’Alsace will be accompanied by ½ bottle of Pinot Blanc, ½ bottle of Pinot Noir, and ½ bottle mineral water. 

  • Crazy Horse & Bateau Mouches

If you are looking for a way to impress your partner then sign up for this exclusive dinner cruise combo that gives you access to the Crazy Horse show plus a dinner cruise on the Seine with the Les Bateaux-Mouches company. You can soak in the sights on the Seine while enjoying a three course meal aboard the cruise. Your meal will also include a glass of castel mouche, one bottle of wine shared with two guests and 1 bottle of Evian. 

  • Crazy Horse & Chez Francis

Chez Francis is a famous luxury brewery in Paris and is best known for its views of the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy a meal at Chez Francis that is accompanied by their signature cocktail, red or white wine, coffee or tea and mineral water. 

  • Crazy Horse & Le Bustronome

This is one of the most unique experiences you will ever have! Bustronome is a one-of-a-kind luxury bus with an upper deck that is outfitted with tables. With wide glass windows you can look out on Paris’s landmarks as it weaves through the city, while serving you a gourmet dinner. Your meal will be accompanied by champagne, wine and mineral water. 

  • Crazy Horse & Fouquet’s

Fouquet's is a high-end brasserie in Paris on the junction of Champs-Elysées and George V Avenues. Opened in 1899 it has been accorded the status of a historical French monument and is easily recognisable with its red awnings. Your meal will be accompanied by white and red wine and mineral water. 

  • Crazy Horse & Lasserre

 Lasserre is one of the newest partners of Crazy Horse. A Michelin star restaurant it offers delectable fine cuisine, and it has been a Parisian institution for over 80 years now. Your meal will be accompanied 1 glass of champagne, canapés, ½ bottle of mineral water, coffee and 2 glasses of wine.  

Practical Information

Address - 12, Avenue George V, 75008 Paris

Getting to Crazy Horse Using Public Transportation in Paris

By Metro – 

  • Line 9 – Alma-Marceau (Crazy Horse is 130m away) 
  • Line 1 – George V (Crazy Horse is 750m away)  

By Bus – 

The nearest bus stop is Alma-Marceau (Bus nos – 42, 80, 63, 92, 72) and it is 230m away from Crazy Horse. The other bus stations nearby are – 

  • Bus 32 – Pierre Charron - François 1er

By Car – 

The nearest car parking is the paid parking lot at Face au, 19 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France. Crazy Horse is 130m away from the parking lot. 

Opening Hours & Show Timings

  • Show – 8:30 PM
  • Show – 11:00 PM 

Rules & Regulations

  • The seating is decided upon by the room director and is based on the selected package. Your seating is not determined by your time of arrival. 
  • Smart dressing is required, the fancier the better. City shoes and Classic Jeans are allowed but not preferred, and you will not be allowed entry in sportswear, beachwear and tank tops. 
  • Photography is not allowed, you can pick up a souvenir at the end of the show.
  • Children above ten years old are allowed in the venue, but be sure to watch the trailer before booking as the show involves partial nudity.